Happy Halloween! It's a hard working Halloween for us as the Christmas charge continues, but we're definitely not complaining! We've got lots of TV campaigns going off to station, Wynsors October product aired last weekend and the Black Friday campaign is currently in animation whilst we finish off a whole host of TV campaigns for exciting new DVD & Blu-ray releases. We've also got loads of DVDs and Blu-rays currently being authored by our team to make the Christmas release list, with some absolute classics on their 1st Blu-ray release!!, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on those later.

To get us in the mood for Halloween, we decided to visit the spookiest place in Phaebus towers... The Tape Library! In a time many moons ago, all media would be created for, and stored on 'tapes' (I know, crazy right?). Down in the basement lurks hundreds of Digibeta master tapes & rushes, HDCAM SR master tapes, MINI DV rushes and even the dreaded... BETACAM SP!! There're even some film reels, just to prove how long we've really been in the business. Anyway, here's the story from our recent visit. You can also test yourself to see how brave you are half way through! What would YOU do in the terrifying Tape Library?


...There's 'another' Sharknado coming to your TV screens! The next instalment of the now 'cult classic' series; Sharknado 3 DVD is now available in all stores. Designed, compiled and created by little old us! There's also MORE exciting news regarding the Sharknado series coming very soon! So if you're a fan of Shark based weather occurrences, keep an eye out on our news page and social media.

Speaking of 'cult classics' We've also recently completed work on the DVD for new documentary 'Back In Time'. 

The documentary marks 30 years!!! since the start of the 'Back To The Future' film series. You'll get to see cast, crew, and fans explore the classic time-travel trilogy's resonance throughout our culture 30 years after Marty went Back in Time.